Pamela King*

Candidate for: CBE Trustee Wards 5 &10

Survey Results

Why are you running for public office?

  • -Passionate about children, education and community
  • to ensure that students are engaged and ethical thinker and will contribute to society in a positive way
  • positive way of giving back to the community
  • building and strengthening relationships with students, families and staff
  • to represent the communities that I serve

What previous experience has prepared you for this role?

I am tremendously proud of the experience I have gained an the opportunities that I have had as a former CBE student, a parent, a volunteer, and an employee. It has been an honour to serve as your elected representative for the past 6 years.

What three ideas do you have to improve the quality of education?

  • redefine what constitutes a "basic" education in today's society
  • continue the focus of personalizing learning for each and every student
  • ensuring that our students have access to the resources and supports they need to be successful

What are the top issues problems facing school boards?

  • the lack of predictable and sustainable funding
  • ensuring that an increasing city population will have schools where they are needed when we need them
  • creating a school board environment that focusses on student learning and success

What are the most important changes that need to be made regarding the role of school boards in Alberta?

  • citizens need to understand why boards are relevant and that we are elected to represent them and that we are not only here for parents, students and employees. That every person has a vital role to play in our public education system.

How can school boards most effectively influence the financial and policy decisions of the provincial government?

  • to take advantage of every opportunity to engage with our provincial representatives and advocate and educate regarding the needs and expectations of the residents of Calgary.

In light of the current funding situation, what strategies should the school board use to meet the infrastructure needs of Calgarians?

  • We will continue to advocate and prioritize our infrastructure needs.
  • continue to work with the province to eliminate some of the challenges that prevent Boards from making local decisions based on local needs.

What limitations, if any, should the school board place on the involvement of private organizations in school?

  • We have to be diligent that public education continues to meet the needs of all children and that it not become a school vs school issue.
  • that any involvement from any organization should be about the benefits for students and not how it benefits the organization

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

  • we are a people driven organization, we are powered by the efforts and passion of many people. Our students are successful because of commitment and contributions that are made for the sole purpose of what is in the best interest of kids. I have been truly honoured to serve as your Trustee for the last six years and I am committed to ensuring success for students for the next four and many more.

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