Judy Hehr

Candidate for: CBE Trustee Wards 8 & 9

Survey Results

Why are you running for public office?

My family is committed to public service.  We believe strongly in public education.  I am excited about this opportunity to take part in the democratic process and make a contribution to a proud and noble institiution --- Calgary Public Schools.

What previous experience has prepared you for this role?

It was my priviledge to serve the students of Calgary Public in a thirty year career.  In numerous positions ranging from teacher to principal, I have seen the capacity of our public school system to assist pupils in becoming succesful, happy, community minded citizens.  This experience will provide me with the foundational knowledge to assist in making student centered decisions.

What three ideas do you have to improve the quality of education?

  1. Students must be afforded class sizes which will enable maximum personalized learning.
  2. Teachers must be allowed to focus on instruction.  Administrivia must be minimized.
  3. Parents need to be aware of their child's progress and the challenges they may face.  A report card is an important tool in the assessment process.

What are the top issues problems facing school boards?

  • New schools are a necessity in growing communities.  Many older schools need maintenance, repair or modernization.
  • Open conversations and sharing with the public regarding reasons for decisions are essential.
  • Obtaining sufficient, sustainable school funding.

What are the most important changes that need to be made regarding the role of school boards in Alberta?

There needs to be constant communication with the provincial government to use monies available to help students learn.

How can school boards most effectively influence the financial and policy decisions of the provincial government?

Ensure that the public is aware of the Board's position regarding financial decisions.

Meet regularly with MLAs from Calgary.

In light of the current funding situation, what strategies should the school board use to meet the infrastructure needs of Calgarians?

The Board must ensure that all schools are safe and secure.  If traditional partners are unwilling or unable to do their share new alternatives must be found.  This will not be easy.

What limitations, if any, should the school board place on the involvement of private organizations in school?

All decisions regarding the involvement of private organizations need to be filtered through the Board and decisions made on an individual basis. The ingregrity of public schools must never be compromised.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

I am committed to pulblic schools as the foundation of a democratic society. I pledge to do all I can to ensure this mandate is fulfilled.

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